ATL (Approach Threshold Light)

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No longer available for new installations, use IRTL.


The ATL is a high intensity unidirectional inset runway threshold light. This light is typically used as a green threshold light with a 185 watt lamp. The main beam may be straight or toed-in 3.5 degrees toward the runway centerline. The ATL may be used as a red end of runway light and as a red stopbar light.


  • FAA AC 150/5345-46: L-850E
  • ICAO Annex 14
  • USAF Regulation 88-14
  • USN NAVAIR 51-50AAA-2


  • Proven reliability
  • Variety of mounting methods
  • Optional high strength casting approximately double the tensile strength of ductile iron
  • Optional metallic-ceramic coating for increased corrosion resistance

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