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Obstruction Lighting Devices

Any structure that exceeds 200' above ground level generally needs to be marked (lighted) according to FAA/ICAO Regulations. There are many factors that can affect obstruction marking requirements, such as weather, terrain, proximity to airports, etc. The information presented in the following pages of this catalog is intended to provide basic guidance for structure marking.

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Crouse-Hinds LED Airport Lighting produces higher lumens per watt with significantly less wattage consumption. The LED products are 10 to 25 times more efficient than quartz lamps. Energy reductions make Crouse-Hinds LED lighting systems more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Obstruction Lighting Devices as Tough as Your Environment

Cooper Crouse-Hinds LED obstruction lights, beacons, and visual signals contain the most advanced solid state technology packaged in a corrosive and weather-tight housing, meeting the most rigorous safety standards for the most demanding environments.

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Give us call for all your Airport / Obstruction Lighting requirements. Ntec is the Cooper Crouse-Hinds Authorized Distributor for Southern Africa.


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