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NTE Consulting Pty Ltd (NTEC Aviation Lighting & Airside Solutions), is a South African-based company founded in 1982. Originally known as Northern Transvaal Electrical Contractors, our company started as an electrical engineering firm dedicated to providing airfield and obstruction lighting solutions. Since its early history, NTEC was actively involved in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of airport lighting and related products in airports and helipads in various African countries.

Having more than 36 years of professional experience in the Airport Lighting industry, we have been involved and successfully completed a large number of major projects in Southern Africa, including private, commercial and military airfields. NTEC is a company that has certainly “earned its wings” in the industry. Please see attached table for a brief description of our past projects and clients.

NTEC has built significant expertise, relationships and goodwill over the past three decades, advising and working with airports, consulting engineers, contractors and various other parties involved in different aspects of airfield, warning and obstruction lighting, power and control equipment, ALCMS and ILCMS Control Systems and covering various phases of airport development, from design to supply and installation, technical support and maintenance.

Besides being agents and distributors of Crouse-Hinds Airport Lighting Products for approximately 30 years, we have also established successful working relationships with various other aviation and airport equipment manufacturers and suppliers around the world. Our company has grown from providing airside solutions to developing partnerships in all areas of Airport Infrastructure and Operations (Airside and Landside) and even with Airline operators.

As such, with decades of proven excellence and experience, NTEC is in a position to assist and support consultants, contractors and operators of airports, airfields and heliports offering a wide range of products and services:

Our Services include:
• Planning, Design, Supply & Installation
• On-Site Technical Support & Assistance
• Testing, Calibration & Commissioning
• Inspections, Diagnostics & Maintenance
• Photometric Testing
• After-sales support
• Logistics, shipping, import and export
• Turnkey Solutions

Our Products include:
• Obstruction Lighting Products
• Aircraft Warning Lighting Products
• Helipad/Heliport/Helideck Lighting Products
• Airfield Ground Lighting Products
• Power & Control Equipment (CCR, CSS, RC)
• Control & Monitoring Systems (ALCMS, LCMS)
• Solar Aviation Lighting
• Portable & Rapid Deployment Lighting
• Safety & Emergency Lighting

We can therefore cater for a wide range of private, commercial and military end-users such as airports, airfields, flying schools, mining and industrial sites and operations, hospitals, police and military compounds, private residences, telecommunication towers (cell, radio, etc.), high-rise structures and buildings and other major industrial sites.

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