SIB-D12 (Shallow Inset Light Base 12 ̋ Ductile Iron)

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The SIB (Shallow Inset Base) is a load-bearing base designed to mount a 12” diameter inset fixture (11.25 dia. BC) into a taxiway or runway pavement location.


  • Ductile Iron Material* - Crouse-Hinds recommends use with like-metals
  • Tapered sides to resist heaving from the pavement
  • Open bottom casting cavities which fill with the setting epoxy to eliminate torquing in the pavement
  • Outer retaining ring prevents epoxy flowing into the base. Easy light fixture removal.
  • Feed-thru entry version with watertight seals
  • Secondary plug(s) inside the base for ease of maintenance with feed-thru entry versions
  • Includes plywood cover used during installation process and re-usable mounting hardware

* Recommended for use with Ductile iron fixtures

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