IALE (Inset Approach Light)

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The Crouse-Hinds IALE semi-flush fixture is used in FAA high intensity approach lighting systems in the runway overrun pavement. They are also used at other locations beyond the overrun that require a low profile light fixture. The fixtures are uni-directional and provide applicable light beam colors of green for threshold, red for side row barrettes and white for centerline barrettes and crossbars.


  • Designed in accordance with FAA Specification E-2952 for high intensity approach lighting applications and FAA Specification E-2968 for MALSR applications.
  • ETL tested to meet photometric requirements for FAA Specification E-2952 and E-2968.
  • Complies with UFC 3-535-01 specification.


  • Low profile, .50 ̋ (12 mm)
  • Few parts to stock
  • Easy to maintain – no sealant required for prism
  • Pressure test plug for seal integrity verification
  • Long lamp life – Quartz Halogen, 105 W, 6.6 A

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