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Ammeters for Constant Current Series Circuits

Constant current regulators (CCRs) produce non-sinusoidal waveforms. Traditional ammeters reading the average current will produce inaccurately low values on airfield lighting circuits. Calibrating equipment based upon these incorrect readings may dramatically reduce the lamp life for airfield lighting and adversely affect equipment performance.

For constant current airfield lighting circuits, only a true-rms meter with current clamp accessory must be used to accurately indicate the current present. Such meters include selected models manufactured by:

  • Beckman Industrial
  • Fluke
  • Simpson
  • B&K Precision
  • Circuitmate

Special Tools for Crouse-Hinds Airport Lighting Products

Description Purpose Catalog Number
Aiming Device For setting vertical angle of elevated approach lights 98240 & 98250 series. 50133
Cable Penciller Prepares the ends of FAA L-824 Type C cable for connector kits. 10036-36
Contact Straightener Straightens the female contacts of TCL optical cartridges. 20047
Impact Driver Loosens tight screws, when struck with a hammer. Useful for taxiway centerline lights. 10036-39
Installation Fixture For setting 8 ̋ shallow base part number 21136. 21162
Lamp Extractor Provides an easy means to remove quartz lamps from edge lights. 40664
Lamp Extractor Unlocks and removes Quartz lamps from HRLQ-5 edge lights. 50420
Leveling Tool HRLQ/ERL Levels and aligns part number Series 40938, 40939, 40943 and HRLQ-4 fixtures. 40999
Leveling Tool HRLQ-5 Levels HRLQ-5 edge lights. 50359
Lifting Handle For easy lifting of 12 ̋ diameter inset lights. 19999
Lifting Handle For easy lifting of inset lights: TOL (10.24 Inch Bolt Circle only). 20476
PAPI Clinometer Aiming Set for PAPI-2688X systems. 25220
PAPI Tilt Level Tilt Level for PAPI-2688X systems. 25057
Setting Jig For setting base type ALB L-868, Class I, Size B, for 12 ̋ diameter fixtures. 19583
Setting Jig For setting base type GSB L-868, Class II, Size B, for 12 ̋ diameter fixtures. 20628



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