TRM (Taxiway Reflective Marker)

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TRM tubular retroreflective markers are used to mark the edges of taxiways and ramps at airports and heliports. They are particularly useful for taxiways with centerline lights that do not have edge lights. For all airports, TRM markers provide daytime delineation of the operational areas. Therefore, they are often used to supplement edge lighting systems. All TRM markers feature a white tubular post and a 14 ̋ reflective material height.


  • FAA AC 150/5345-39: L-853
  • NASAO Guidelines


  • FAA approved*
  • Inexpensive - Low initial cost, easy to install, no wiring, requires no power and practically maintenance free.
  • Durable - Both the post and the reflectors remain flexible at temperature extremes.
  • Highly Visible - Brilliant post colors provide 360 degree daytime visibility, high intensity reflectors provide 360 degree nighttime visibility.
  • Safe - No damage to aircraft or vehicles if struck.

* TRM Markers are FAA approved by manufacturer Safe-Hit Corporation.


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